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Piano Moving

Moving pianos is hard- leave it to the pros! Here at Laursen Piano, we have the specialized skills and equipment to safely move your piano. Contact us today!

Why choose Laursen Piano Service to move my piano?

Specialty. Experience. Safety. Reliability.

Our in-house, professional piano movers have meticulously moved thousands of pianos throughout the Minneapolis & St Paul metro area and beyond. Whether you have a beginner piano or a brand new grand, we take our time and treat every piano with the utmost care. We use specialized equipment to ensure a safe, damage-free move, and our thousands of happy customers have peace of mind knowing we are fully insured.

Laursen Piano Service piano mover Minneapolis

We're different than other moving companies: we specialize in piano moving. We are also a full service piano shop, and we want to serve you for the long-term! Our goal is to take such good care of you on the move that you decide to tune with us for years to come! 

We move from point to point all over the Twin Cities metro. We can do day trips too.

Same House Moves

Refinishing your floors? We can move your piano to another room for you or we can temporarily store it at our shop. When the floors are all done, we return to set up your instrument right where you want it.

Piano Removal, Disposal & Recycling

If you simply need your piano removed, we're here to help! We do everything possible to keep these beloved instruments out of the landfill.  Our technicians assess every piano that comes in and if we can repair and donate it we do, if not we recycle its parts or use it for training.

Piano Donations

We work with hundreds of non-profits and keep an active list of those looking for a free piano. For a fee, we pick it up, bring it to our shop to assess it, and if in good condition, we match it with a non-profit. 

Out-of-State and Long Distance Piano Moves

If you are moving a piano across the country let us help! We will oversee the move start to finish. 

Whether you need long-term or short-term piano storage, we offer the absolute best piano storage available in Minnesota. Learn more...

Amanda P

"Laursen has moved my piano 3 times since I moved to the Twin Cities. They are super efficient and take great care of the piano every time! I wouldn't call anyone else!"  5 star Google review

Alexandra T

"I am so happy with Laursen Piano. They did a move of an upright piano for us. We have a pretty difficult floor plan, but they made it all work, with getting our piano all the way into the basement. They were so quick, all of the equipment was so clean, and just in general very nice people. Best part = they did not charge an arm and a leg.
Thank you!!!"
5 star Google review

Emma T

“Laursen was great to work with when moving our piano into our home... The move was quick and easy and the movers were pleasant and respectful. They even assisted me with finding a bench to match our piano at their storefront. Great service!!”
5 star Google review
  • What information do I need to book a piano move?
    The type of piano that is being moved (upright or grand). With an upright, the approximate height and with a grand the length, measured from keyboard to the back of the curve in the bow end. Pickup and drop off addresses, names, and phone numbers. Accurate information about stairs, landings tight turns, inside and out of both locations.
  • How much does it cost to move a piano?
    Size, weight and distance are the main things that affect a price. Moving a small spinet piano within the same house can be as low as $200. Moving a grand piano takes more time and energy and can range from $300 for a same house move to $600 across town.
  • What if I just want to get rid of my piano, will you come pick it up?
    Yes! We have donation program where we match up free pianos with non-profits, like schools, churches or hospitals looking for free pianos. We do charge to come pick it up and bring it back to our shop where our technicians look it over. If the instrument is in good shape we work hard to match it up with a non-profit. If the piano requires significant repairs, we may not be able to find a home for it, but we still try our very best to keep old pianos out of landfills. In this case, we recycle any parts we can or use it for training purposes.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for the piano move?
    Any items on top of the piano should be removed. Please ensure a clear pathway into or out of the location. Outside, there should be a clear, unobstructed path. In the winter, pathways and driveways need to be cleared. If your piano has a climate control system, the water bucket should be emptied 2 days before we pick it up.
  • How do you protect the floors?
    Protecting floors is critical. We use a rubber backed indoor floor runner and a specific dolly to distribute the weight. In some instances, we strap and carry the piano.
  • Should I tip the movers?
    Tips are common, but its never expected and only at your discretion. You are never obligated to tip; it is merely a way to recognize service that was above and beyond your expectations. 65% of our customers tip, and their average tip is 10% of the total.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes! Laursen Piano Service is fully insured for piano moving and all of our employees are covered under workers compensation insurance.
  • What kind of truck do you have?
    We have a covered 14' box truck with a hydraulic lift gate. The inside is specially designed to transport your piano safely and securely. We keep the vehicle clean, insured and in good working order at all times.
  • Do I need to tune my piano after a move?
    Yes! Most of the time a piano will go out of tune after a move due to the changes in temperature and humidity during the move and in its new location. It takes two to three weeks for a piano to acclimate to its new home. We recommend waiting until then to tune it. We will most often follow up with you after the move to schedule this tuning, but as always, feel free to call us too!
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