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Piano Repair & Maintenance

Pianos have over 10,000 individual parts that need to exactly align. Whether it's a stuck key or a full action repair, we take great pride in our ability to evaluate and precisely repair your piano. 

Most routine repair work we do on-site, however larger repair work we do in our fully equipped piano repair shop in Minnetonka. 

Sticking keys

There are a host of small issues that can cause keys to stick, including dirt or humidity. Most of the time these can be fixed during a tuning with minor adjustments, but sometimes the issue is a broken part that needs repair or replacement. 

Pianos are acutely susceptible to changes in humidity. Sticking keys, sluggish notes, hardened felts, a tuning that doesn't hold- these are all things caused by fluctuating humidity. A Humidity Control System is the solution! Ask us more!

Piano Regulation

 If your piano's keys feel sluggish, or not as responsive as they used to, it is likely in need of regulation. Another prime example is one that can no longer play softly, or predictably. This happens when the hammers no longer make consistent contact with the strings. Regulating a piano is adjusting all of its parts and mechanisms so they operate efficiently and uniformly. 

Pin replacement

Tuning pins are an essential component of a piano's stringing system. They are responsible for holding the strings at the correct tension to maintain the piano's pitch. Over time, tuning pins can become worn or loose, which can cause the piano to go out of tune more frequently or make tuning difficult.

Keytop Repair & Replacement

We repair or replace faulty or damaged keytops, from just one to the entire set.

Buzzing or ringing sounds

Strange noises in your piano are often caused by loose or worn parts, including strings, pins or action parts. We work to identify the sound and then review with you what needs to be done to correct it. 

Piano Cleaning

The inside of a piano should be cleaned regularly.  Dust dulls the hammer action, and over time dirt and grime build-up will cause larger problems. We have all the equipment and training to properly clean all your piano's pinblock and soundboard. 


Over time, the felts on the hammers that strike the strings become compacted and may develop grooves in them as well. This changes the tone of the piano. Voicing is the process of carefully adjusting the density of the felts and reconditioning them so as to produce a warmer or brighter tone.


String replacement and restringing

Piano strings are under a lot of tension, and over time, they can break, become brittle or rusted, which can affect the sound and playability of the instrument. We replace single strings or the whole set.

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