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Premium Piano Storage

At Laursen, we do storage right!

Storing your piano with Laursen Piano Service means it is safe and secure.

All instruments are stored locally on-site, in our secure, climate controlled, AND humidity controlled environment. Our facility is fully insured, and your instrument will be in the best hands. If you need to store your piano for a few days or a few years, let us help!

Our premium storage starts at $100/month.

Why is "Humidity Controlled" storage so important for a piano?

Consistent temperature and humidity are crucial for a piano. Humidity should be between 40%-45% year round!  A piano has over 10,000 delicate components made of wood, felt and metal which are susceptible to changes in humidity. Yamaha notes that "Too much humidity will result in dull hammer action and unclear tones, rusting of internal parts and sticking keys." Over time, the components swell shrink and begin to crack. A cracked soundboard can devastate a piano. 

At Laursen Piano Service we maintain that critically consistent temperature and humidity year-round with commercial grade humidifiers and dehumidifiers. 

How much does it cost to store my piano?

The cost is based on duration and is typically a flat monthly rate, starting at $100/month. 

How is my piano stored?

We safely and securely wrap your piano, in breathable moving blankets and gently rest it on a skid, as manufacturers recommend. We record your instrument's serial number and condition, and store it until you are ready for the next step

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